Sponsor the parade today, CLICK HERE to contribute $25 or to Join the $100 campaign. $100 contributers will receive our 2017 sign for the yard to share your love of the community parade!  We accept any size sponsorship by sending a check to MCP, Inc., PO Box 1153, Milford, DE 19963.

City of Milford                                  Kent County Levy Court                Wilson's Auction Sales                    

Universal Sponsor-  The Law Offices of Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz & Bhaya

Official Parade Radio Stations-   Eagle 97.7FM                Cool 101.3              Talk 105.9


Mohawk Electrical Systems         Richard Leonard                              Ray Wright Plumbing

Steven Alban                                    Penco Corporation                          Swain Excavation

Bikes Etc.                                           Walls Custom Concrete                 The Learning Center

Milford Rent All                               Carlisle Fire Company                    Milford Police Department

Milford Church of God                   AAA Communications                    Kent / Sussex County Fire Police

Milford Parks and Recreation

Katie Watson                                       Malaspina Family                                Frank J. Bilger

Bryan Shupe                                       Peter & Elaisa Gosnell                         James & Donna Ernsberger                  

Mr. & Mrs. Len Rienzi                        Maureen & James Panos                    Cherlene Lans                                         

Kenneth Fearn                                   Linda & Carl Baczek                            Richard France

Sonia & Rick Fontaine                       Rogers Funeral Home                         Donnie & Carol Davidson

The Meade Family                             Downtown Milford, Inc.                        Joyce & Bob Voshell

Bob & Diane Lank                              Medds Coin Laundry                           Yvonne C. White

Gary Givens Family                            Tom & Lucy Mehl                                 Draperies Etc.

Leslie Nixon                                        Ron & Pat Baker                                   Leon Tschantre

Nina Pletcher                                      Mr. & Mrs. Andrews                            Candy & George Ceerny

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent O'Donnell            Kathleen Hubbard                              Mr. & Mrs. CW Clarke

Christian Owens                                  Mr. & Mrs. Kline                                  Dave & Betty Heller

The Boutin Family                                Doris West                                          and more to come.....

                             Thank You to all of our Sponsors!

AND we salute our Committee Members, of which without their commitment, the parade would not march on-

Jim Gray, Lincoln                             Marie Jo Gray, Lincoln                      Carmen Kemper, Milford       Gerald Gray, Houston

Charles Gray, Harrington               Gaye Carter, Lincoln                         Vanessa Laughman, Dover   Mark Banks, Milford

Woody Story, Lincoln                      Buddy Story, Magnolia                     Steve Pikus, Milford               Charlie Kemper, Lincoln

Drew Carter, Milford                       Richard Hart, Milford                        Lisa Hart, Milford                   Marlee Gray, Harrington       

Bill Martin, Milford                           Darlene Cox, Felton                         Robert Kemper, Milford        Cade Carter, Lincoln

Bill Pfaffenhauser, Milford


Our 2017 Sponsors!

Milford Community Parades, Inc.