Sponsor the parade today, CLICK HERE to Join the $100 campaignand you will receive our 2017 sign for the yard to share your love of the community parade!  We accept any size sponsorship by sending a check to MCP, Inc., PO Box 1153, Milford, DE 19963.

City of Milford                                   Kent County Levy Court                    Wilson's Auction Sales                    

Universal Sponsor-  The Law Offices of Doroshow, Pasquale, Krawitz & Bhaya

Bryan Shupe                                     


Milford Rent All                                   State Rep. Harvey Kenton                                       

Milford Police Department            Milford Parks and Recreation         Milford Plant & Garden Center            

Eagle 97.7FM                                      Cool 101.3FM                                        Talk 105.9FM   

AAA Communications                     Kent/Sussex County Fire Police      Catch It Live.com                             

Richard Y. Johnson & Son               Downtown Milford, Inc.                    Mohawk Electrical Systems                

Lank, Johnson & Tull, CPA              Steven Alban, DDS                              Affinity Entertainment DE 

Delaware Stars Hockey Assoc.     The Breakfast Club                             Weller's

The Fannin Family                           Dedicated To Women                         Best Ace Hardware

Milford Lions Club                           Walls Irrigation, Inc.                           Swain Excavation, Inc.

The Bridal Boutique                        97.1 The Wave                                      Church of God, Milford

Clean Delaware                               WRDE Resort TV                                    Walls Service Center

Little Caesars Pizza Kent and Sussex County                                            Mt. Enon Baptist Church

Arena's Milford                                Jeffrey Jackerson                                  Extreme Graphix

Westside Restaurant                     Downes Insurance Assc. Inc.             Bikes Etc.

Dan & Becky Gaffney                     Milford Museum                                   The Learning Center

Don Fisher                                         The Boutin Family                                James & Jeanel Starling

Peter & Elaisa Gosnell                           The Burdine Family                                  The Scott Family                              Yvonne C. White 

Maureen & Jim Panos                            Mr. & Mr.s Andrews                                 The Walls Family                             Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Born

Jim & Donna Emsberger                        Red Cedar Farm                                       George & Carole Mason                Mr. & Mrs. Rienzi

Lareeq Ahmer                                         Judith Howard                                          The Givens Family                           Joyce & Bob Voshell

The Price Family                                     The Long Family                                        Charles & Mary Jo Calloway          The Engelsiepen Family

Mary A. Heinhold                                    Beatriz & Angelo Mayoral                        Richard Leonard                            The Fearn Family

Kenneth & ShirleyCalloway                    Larry Hollinger                                         Craig Crouch                                   Martha Evans

Cutting Edge Hair Salon                         The Gunnings                                           Mr. & Mrs. White                            The Morrison Family

JH Wilkerson & Family                             Ray Wright Plumbing                              Peggy Powell                                   Mr. Richard France

Bernice Smith                                          Vernon Walch                                          Yvonne White                                  The Cromer Family

Mr. & Mrs. Mullarky                                Gorden Davis                                           Robert Andrie                                  William E. Evans

Carson Gunter                                        The Sard Family                                       Mario Vail Velasquez                      Medds Coin Laundry

Judy Skinner                                            At Home In DE Geoff Howard                Draperies Etc.                                  The Heller Family

The Dear Family                                      Vivian Ginn                                               Donna Snyder                                 Muriel Neilson

Legates Ventures LLC                             J&J Fashions                                             The Kelly Family                              Marianina Pletcher

The McDonough Family                         Sombar & Co. CPAS P.A.                         Norma Welch                                  The Clarke Family

Tom & Lucy Mehl                                    Robert & Diane Lank                              Diane & James Snover                    Candance Czerny

Charles Murry                                          Joanne Caputo                                        Michael Fleishman                          Hatch/White Family

Dyson & Mary Jo Kline                            Eloinia T Alonso                                       Beverly Davis                                    

                             Thank You to all of our Sponsors!

AND we salute our Committee Members, of which without their commitment, the parade would not march on-

Jim Gray, Lincoln                             Marie Jo Gray, Lincoln                      Carmen Kemper, Milford       Gerald Gray, Houston

Charles Gray, Harrington               Gaye Carter, Lincoln                         Vanessa Laughman, Dover   Mark Banks, Milford

Woody Story, Lincoln                      Buddy Story, Magnolia                     Steve Pikus, Milford               Charlie Kemper, Lincoln

Drew Carter, Milford                       Richard Hart, Milford                        Lisa Hart, Milford                   Marlee Gray, Harrington       

Bill Martin, Milford                           Darlene Cox, Felton                         Robert Kemper, Milford        Cade Carter, Lincoln


Our 2017 Sponsors!

Milford Community Parades, Inc.